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About Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba or O Sensei ("Great Teacher"). O Sensei was one of the greatest martial artists of his time, but as he grew older he saw the futility of seeking victory over others. He had a spiritual awakening in which he realized the true purpose of martial arts was to find reconciliation and peace within onself and with others. This realization led him to develop a new martial art: Aikido. Aikido utilizes circular movements to redirect the momentum of an attacker. Although Aikido is a martial art founded on techniques of self-defense, its ultimate goal is perfecting the spirit. Through diligent practice, students overcome discord within themselves and learn to remain calm and centered in all situations. Aikido is practiced with a partner, does not rely on physical strength, and can be practiced by people of all abilities.

The word Aikido is formed by three Japanese characters:
     AI - Harmony
     KI - Spirit, life energy
     DO - Way, path
and is roughly translated as "the way of harmony with the spirit of the universe".

Why practice Aikido?

There are as many reasons for practicing Aikido as there are Aikido students. Here are some common reasons:

  • to learn self-defense
  • to improve physical fitness
  • to reduce stress and bring a sense of calm into one's life
  • to increase self-awareness and self-control
  • to meet new people and to find a sense of community

How is Aikido different from other martial arts?

Unlike karate, kung fu, and taekwondo, Aikido emphasizes throwing and pinning techniques rather than striking techniques. Aikido techniques lend themselves to controlling an attacker without necessarily needing to harm the attacker. Unlike judo and mixed martial arts, Aikido does not involve competition. Aikido practioners strive to overcome the need to compete against and triumph over others and instead seek to work together to raise their level of practice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aikido and Our Dojo

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