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Kata Hikiotoshi

What We Offer

Aikido Classes

East End Aikikai offers Aikido classes for adults (ages 13 and up) seven days a week. Aikido is a martial art designed to reconcile discord within oneself and between people. Classes involve throwing and pinning techniques practiced with a partner in a cooperative spirit. These classes are appropriate for students of all levels, beginner through advanced.
See "Schedule" for class times.

Shamatha Yoga and Meditation

Shamatha means "peaceful abiding". Shamatha meditation is the practice of resting in the natural state of the mind. Shamatha yoga is a gentle yoga series used to prepare the mind and body for meditation. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, we increase awareness of, and stabilize and strengthen the mind and body.

Weapons Class

The weapons class includes instruction in bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff). Practice with weapons increases understanding of timing, tai sabaki (body movement), and maai (distance).

Ne-waza Class

The ne-waza class provides instruction in "ground techniques". These techniques are based on techniques found in jiujitsu and judo but taught consistently with the principles of aikido in a cooperative spirit. This class is taught to augment the self-defense training of aikido students and is not designed as a stand alone practice.

Open Mat

We provide two hours of open mat time per week. Students may use this time to practice whatever they feel they most need to focus on. No formal instruction is provided during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aikido and Our Dojo